Development Methodology

Today’s pace of business truly does not allow for traditional monolithic releases when developing software. The amount of time from development to launch is critical regardless of whether it’s for an internal process or new product. While there are choices on which software development methodology to embrace, what is not optional is the requirement to employ a proven, established and formalized approach.

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At Primero, we’re exceptionally well-versed with the two industry standards – Waterfall and Agile.

Waterfall is selected by some governmental or similarly large agencies where traditional functional and physical design specifications and firm-fixed bids are required.

Agile is preferred by many commercial organizations when time-to-market is imperative, and the development requirements are somewhat volatile.

With either choice, we strongly promote that there are multiple development releases which focus on delivering the highest-priority functionality in the earliest possible time-frame. Our goal is to always put the system in the hands of our users as quickly as possible to ensure that the delivered software exceeds our customer’s expectations. This also allows you to realize your return on investment sooner.

The right approach of course is based on your specific needs; however, we are so comfortable with either that we often combine the best of both practices when it makes sense.

If you want an even greater competitive advantage, combine Primero's Solution Accelerator (PSX™) software with our reliable DevOps approach, and you’ve got a win, win situation.

Read about PSX™ and our DevOps approach to gain a better understanding of Primero’s standards for developing software solutions and give us a call. We’d love to tell you more about our proven track record of software delivery success.

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