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If there's one mantra that defines our development philosophy at Primero Systems, it's simply this; "Choose the right tool for the right job". If you're at all familiar with the software development community, then you're probably aware of the "religious" wars that have been waged over the years. It's Microsoft vs. Oracle and Apple. Or it's Java vs. .NET vs. a hundred other application development platforms. It's open source vs proprietary technologies. It's all rather exhausting frankly...this seemingly endless quest to prop up one technology while tearing down another.

It's not unusual for a development company to hitch their wagon to a single solution set at the expense of all others. At Primero, we think of it a little differently. We believe that the challenge at hand will often dictate the technology required. Your greatest concern is to get the absolute best solution to fit your need. Shouldn't that be ours as well?

We're mostly agnostic about the actual tool set used. What was great just a few years ago, may be obsolete today. When you've been in the business as long as we have, you recognize that tools, technologies, and platforms come and go. However, the special skills needed to take an opportunity from conception to completion is the most important tool to have... and that's the one we have in spades.

At Primero, we embrace the most cost-effective solution approach for our customers while offering complete business support assurance. Whether our solutions incorporate open source, proprietary technology and certainly cloud-based solutions, you can sleep well knowing that Primero will keep your systems running at peak performance.

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