Primero Cloud Migration (PCM™)

The case for migrating virtually all your business applications and data to the cloud has been established.

By embracing the cloud’s security, scalability and redundancy, an organization can significantly reduce their business continuity risk as it relates to Information Technology (IT).

If it is not a matter of “if”, but rather of “when”, then the focus should be on identifying next steps.

Fortunately, Primero Systems has a simple, straight-forward development methodology to enable your migration success:

  1. Assess your current environment
  2. Determine the needed changes
  3. Establish and implement your prioritized plan

The migration effort begins with a review of your current infrastructure. An effort needs to be undertaken to determine which IT services are provided to your departments. Existing software applications should be catalogued as well as the client devices (computers, phones, etc.) that are used by your employees.

Additionally, an assessment of your core network implementation and security practices should be captured. Ultimately, it would be best to also capture the expense associated with maintaining your existing environment.

Having a solid understanding of your infrastructure is essential to determine what changes should be implemented to minimize or eliminate your risk. 

When assessing those risk areas, it is essential to clarify your company objectives. Those objectives may include minimizing revenue loss or unanticipated expenses due to IT liabilities and/or to improve current operational productivity and efficiency. 

During this review, it is very likely that a number of software improvement opportunities will be exposed. Are there applications that are technologically antiquated or no longer supported by the vendor? Are other applications now offered as cloud versions that eliminate costly IT maintenance concerns?

Another evaluation would be to review what absolutely needs to be installed locally versus what can be pushed to a cloud implementation.

Throughout this process, Primero Systems will provide expert guidance and counseling to ensure that you have the complete spectrum of options presented.

Having a solid understanding of “what-good-looks-like”, you can now prioritize your migration and focus on resolving issues that represent your greatest risk as quickly as possible.

Using Primero’s proven PCM™ methodology, we will work closely with you to achieve the items on your migration list in segments of 2 to 3 weeks.

When that first segment is complete, we will collectively re-review the list of to-do’s and select the next highest priority items to resolve. Partnering with Primero’s cloud migration process will enable you to achieve your risk mitigation and operational improvement goals quickly, competently and efficiently.

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