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Primero's Solution Accelerator

Primero’s Solution Accelerator (PSX™) provides you out-of-the-box, robust functionality for the development of your application, saving you time to market, time to implementation and budget. Your unique application requirements are incorporated into this robust engine, saving you development expense, but more importantly, getting your product online or to market in the shortest possible timeframe.

Primero's Approach to DevOps

Our comprehensive approach helps ensure quality and integrity at every stage in the development process. This four-step DevOps procedure critically supports our ability to deliver quality software with every release.

Big Data

How can you put big data to work for your company? Let Primero’s data experts analyze insights that lead to better operational decisions and strategic business opportunities by combining and analyzing your internal and external data to discover opportunities.

Security & Compliance

Your system data liabilities are potentially being exposed every minute of every day, so your software system needs to have a comprehensive approach to data safety. Protecting your data security and ensuring your organization can successfully defend its compliance with regulatory requirements needs to be top-of-mind.

Intelligent Technology

Your challenge often dictates the required technology solution, not the other way around. We're agnostic about the actual tool set used; our only focus is on the most cost-effective approach to your solution. Open source, proprietary technology and certainly cloud-based solutions are all at our disposal to find the right solution to your challenge.


The right approach to development is based on your specific needs. When combined with our proven development methodology, Primero’s Solution Accelerator (PSX™) software and our PEDL™ development process, you’ve got an immediate, comprehensive and cost-effective foundational solution.

Microservices Architecture

There are pros and cons for both a monolithic or micro-services approach to support scalability. Which one is right for you? Let Primero’s systems analysts work with your team to determine which foundational architecture best suits your software needs.

Hybrid Model

Our customer-focused, value-centric hybrid team approach delivers cost-effective solutions without sacrificing any loss of quality throughout the entire development process.

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