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There are tremendous demands on the software programs that run the travel and hospitality industry. And, depending on the organization, the numerous land, sea, air and hotel offers that continuously change on a worldwide basis is mind boggling. Not to mention managing the traveler’s personal and financial data, as well as updates to their travel itineraries.

You probably need a vacation just thinking about it! But before you pack your bags, you need to find a reliable custom software consultancy and development partner to make sure your program keeps your business afloat. May we suggest you take a cruise with Primero?

Our first customer in 1994, Cruise Holidays, remains a loyal customer today. We believe that speaks volumes towards our integrity, competence, dependability and reliability.

Cruise Holidays is now a member of the Travel Leaders Group (a $24B conglomerate) and the solution that we originally developed and updated over the years, is a corner-stone product in many of their divisions. The software interfaces with some of the largest travel booking engines including Amadeus. The back-office management solution provides comprehensive reservation management, group management, tour management, multi-currency trust accounting, an extensive CRM component that services robust customer and vendor data mining, multi-tier financial analysis and reporting, as well as promotion management delivered through our content management system, Webtreepro.

Beyond our extensive efforts with the Travel Leaders organization, we also designed and deployed a proprietary back-office solution for Blue Ribbon Bags (BRB). BRB offers travelers coverage for any lost airline luggage worldwide. Our solution manages all the e-commerce of protection purchase, accounting and claim resolution to BRB’s customers. The system supports numerous languages and interfaces with SABRE’s world-wide booking engine.

If you are looking for a plane, train or automobile back-office solution that would provide your travel-related company a competitive advantage, book with us!

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