When it comes to developing an automation system for your business, you want the “A” team. Not the folks from the 80’s TV show, but the team from Primero Systems.

Why? Because when you have a critical automation project that can impact the efficiencies and productivity of your business you want an experienced team. You really can’t afford to not to!

Our founders and senior analysts designed and deployed numerous inventory management and distribution systems for some of the world’s largest corporations including Boeing Commercial Aircraft Group, Apple, Chrysler, Israeli Navy, Unisys and the U.S. Air Force.

And, with that experience as our foundation, Primero began by continuing to deliver automated manufacturing solutions to companies such as Honeywell, TYCO, US Airways, General Atomics and L-3 Technologies.

We have designed and delivered automated work-flow and inventory control solutions for food irradiation and medical equipment sterilization systems, as well as jet engine repair, inventory control, and work-flow automation. With Honeywell, we designed and delivered an automated inventory delivery system to efficiently manage the urgency of aircraft-on-ground crises.

These systems required virtually 100% uptime since anything less cost these companies 100’s of thousands of dollars (or more) per hour, especially since these businesses manage tens of thousands of discrete inventory parts requiring the highest possible system throughput performance.

Primero Systems is exceptionally proud of our unparalleled uptime and system performance records for our clients. But more importantly, they are too! If you have a complex and critical performance operation, we would be thrilled to make you proud of us too.

We love problem-solving!

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