Regardless of the franchise business you’re in, brand consistency is a key ingredient to your success. Whether you’re serving burgers, cutting hair, changing oil, scooping ice cream or booking cruises, ensuring the consistency of the brand message across your franchise system is essential.

Regardless of the number of locations, type of franchises, the promotions you run, the assets you manage, or the control you have over your brand, the right solution to meet your needs today and your expectations for tomorrow is only one click away.

Your first thought is probably that you need a Content Management System (CMS). We’ve got a powerful one for you to consider called Webtreepro. Webtreepro has been servicing franchise and other multi-location industries for over a decade. Its WYSISYG editor, ease-of-use, and the flexibility of its enterprise-level roles and permissions module provides the marketing and brand compliance solution that all franchises need.

Whether you are developing responsive designs, distributing and managing content across domestic or worldwide locations, managing separate marketing campaigns for your various locations and/or managing those responsible, Webtreepro puts you in control of your brand.

Beyond typical CMS programs, Webtreepro easily integrates with your other business solutions and provides key functionality such as single-sign-on and promotion management.

And, unlike other CMS programs, Webtreepro customers also have access to the custom software consultancy and development capabilities of Primero to ensure franchise operations are integrated and performing at the highest level.

For example, Cruise Holidays was our first customer in 1994 and remains a loyal customer today. In addition to their use of Webtreepro, we developed a comprehensive back-office solution that standardized the operations for the franchisees. Not only does the product manage all aspects of reservation management, and customer and vendor accounting, it also manages royalty payments owed to the corporate office.

In the franchise world, the corporate focus is on providing rich-value to their franchisees and the software we developed for Cruise Holidays has been recognized as a key reason of franchisee loyalty to the company.

Every franchise has unique business needs and challenges. And, since our first franchise customer in 1994 to our most recent, we learned a lot about the world of franchising and the software that helps a franchise grow. Let us put our experience to work for you!

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