Data Security & Compliance

Our Comprehensive Approach

There are no magic answers when it comes to data security and compliance, that’s the bad news. And, with system data liabilities being exposed every minute of every day, it sure seems like we all could use a silver bullet or two.

Your software system needs to have a comprehensive approach to data safety. You know that. It also must comply with ever-changing industry best-practices and regulatory requirements.

If the volatility of data security and compliance issues are causing you anxiety, we can help you relax. While we don’t use mystical powers, we certainly have an arsenal of experienced talent and proven weapons we can bring to bear.

We begin by requiring that the software is designed and developed with data protection wired into the foundational architecture. Our holistic approach helps ensure that your information is secure and that your compliance is defensible. Simply put, your data integrity meets or exceeds the continuously updated standards of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). We then validate the adherence of those standards through our automated testing procedures.

For data that is considered exceptionally sensitive, we apply rigorous encryption algorithms to further obscure the information.

We also provide comprehensive roles and permissions with each of our systems to restrict data visibility to only those with the authorized need-to-know.

But we’re not done yet! We then segregate the communication between the servers to further deny any database access that has not passed through the proper authentication paths.

And finally, we use the latest firewall technology and internet monitoring services to detect and defeat denial of service and intrusion attacks.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Our job is to remain vigilant in protecting your data security and with ensuring that your organization can successfully defend its compliance to regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR and other federal and global mandates. In fact, if you’re not GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant yet, now is the time to learn more about the regulation, your responsibilities and requirements. Don’t leave your business exposed.

Let us deploy our army of resources to ensure your data is secure. And, allow yourself to relax knowing that Primero’s security and compliance experts are on your side.


Often considered as only an accounting responsibility, the reality is that virtually all accounting and financial reporting functions are rooted within the enterprise’s software and IT infrastructure.

To ensure that financial reporting is demonstrably defensible, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 requires stringent adherence to their definition of Information Technology best-practices.

Don’t leave your business exposed!

Our background spans all aspects related to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance from identifying the necessary security policies through ensuring that the organization maintains a comprehensive disaster recovery plan strategy.

And, due to our extensive history in developing enterprise solutions for major corporations, we are well qualified to assist public companies achieve SOX compliance for their IT operations.

Primero’s compliance experts will work closely with your team to conduct a gap analysis of current operations and create a straight-forward roadmap to help you satisfy the needed requirements as defined by the Congressional Act.

Once the areas of need are identified, our team can assist or author the needed policies as well as recommend and assist in any required remediation efforts. If you want assurance of whether your IT department is following corporate best-practices, we’re here to help.

We love problem-solving!

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