The CLARITY Assessment™

Are your digital platforms making you an industry leader or laggard?

Is your company prepared to succeed in a digitally-driven competitive landscape?

70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one. But having a strategy alone doesn’t ensure success. Your digital transformation journey is likely to evolve over many years. Have you taken the time to evaluate your current plan?

Are you sure you’re focusing on the right priorities for today? Are your highest priority objectives in line with the areas of your business that are experiencing the most pain, and in need of immediate attention?

The CLARITY Assessment™ will help you find out. This assessment was designed to help you determine where to focus your most precious resources – time, talent and money.  Are you ready to transform your business?

If you're interested in taking the assessment, please contact us and ask about CLARITY.

What is the CLARITY Assessment™?

This step-by-step wizard will help you identify the highest priority objectives within your organization by ranking a number of related factors across seven areas that impact most businesses today:

  • CCustomer Relations
  • LLearning & Development
  • AAgile Operations
  • RRisk Management
  • IInformation Technology
  • TTechnological Innovation
  • YYield (Financial)

You will also then rank a number of pain points associated to one or more of the objectives listed above. Based on your answers, and our proprietary learning algorithm, we’ll be able to determine the most critical impact areas  that you should be focusing on when mapping out your digital transformation journey.

Given this intersection of priority vs. pain, we’ll plot your results in one of four quadrants shown below.

Objectives in this quadrant represent areas where you currently excel

High Priority
Low Pain

Objectives in this quadrant represent your greatest opportunities for improvement

High Priority
High Pain

Objectives in this quadrant represent areas of least immediate need

Low Priority
Low Pain

Objectives in this quadrant need further evaluation to determine potential impact

Low Priority
High Pain

Comprehensive results

You will immediately see the big-picture represented in clear, concise and easily digested graphs and charts, custom to your organization. And that’s just the beginning! Not only do you see where every major CLARITY objective fits into your digital transformation roadmap, but you’ll also get a wealth of additional detail based on each objective, attribute, and pain point presented.

Our proprietary learning algorithm will clearly identify specific outliers and pinpoint possible areas of conflict that can easily be missed when viewed in the aggregate. The accompanying detailed narrative will help to guide your internal conversation as you define your digital transformation journey going forward.

If you're interested in taking the assessment, please contact us and ask about CLARITY.

“There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves — those that don’t adapt, will fail.” -Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

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