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Disseminating and managing content across locations can be challenging for any multi-location organization. But not with our product, Webtreepro. And, unlike many other CMS products on the market, our first multi-location CMS was launched in 1998, so we have extensive experience in this area.

One of the many compelling differences between Webtreepro and the other CMS offerings, is the flexibility we provide with our robust roles and permissions module.

Most Content Management Systems take a one-size-fits-all approach, but with Webtreepro, you can delineate the viewing and management of content to an unprecedented level of granularity.

When you couple the power of our permissions capability with the multiple-location management capability, it becomes clear that there is truly no access or restriction you can’t confidently control.

To illustrate the benefits of Webtreepro to your business, here’s an example of how Webtreepro can be used to manage multiple world-wide locations for any organization.

With a click of a button, Webtreepro can push the appropriate brand, message content and/or graphic assets to each location independently or to the entire organization at once. Or, to an entire geographic region, business unit or any other delineation of your business you can think of.

Using the travel industry to provide an example, let’s assume that your nationwide travel organization offers air, cruise, hotel, destination weddings and land-based tours.

With Webtreepro, you can push the appropriate content to each of these agencies and further discriminate by geographic region or any other affinity relationship. To further illustrate, let’s assume that your East Coast agencies that specialize in Destination Weddings wish to concentrate their product offerings in the Caribbean whereas the West Coast agencies promote Hawaii for their similar products. With Webtreepro, the distribution of the right content to the right audience at the right time is completely flexible and incredibly easy to manage.

This example could just as easily service multi-location hardware stores where during certain seasons the Northern stores are promoting great pricing on snow-shovels while the Southern stores are promoting the sale of potting mix. Or, associations with multiple worldwide chapters that want to localize content to target potential members within their communities. And, of course restaurant chains that want to localize and personalize the content based on geographic location, community, weather, catering, type of food, promotion, etc.

The possibilities are endless! Read more about Webtreepro and schedule your demo today.

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